Reading the Republic

Voegelin was invited to participate in a conference at York University in Toronto, Canada in November of 1978. The conference was entitles Heremeneutics and Structuralism: Merging Horizons. Presented here are two panel discussions in which Voegelin participated as well as the lecture he gave Structures in Consciousness. The first panel, Reading the Republic, included Allan Bloom, Hans-George Gadamer, and Voegelin. The final panel discussion, Criticism: Science, and/or Scholarship, included Roger Poole, Voegelin, Bernard Lonergan, and Hans-Georg Gadamer. Frederick Lawrence moderated both panels and the second panel was co-moderated by Philip McShane. Panelists: Allan Bloom, Hans-Georg Gadamer, Eric Voegelin, and Frederick Lawrence. This material is presented in cooperation with the publisher, Wagner Columbus Publishing Co. Ltd. The 4 1/2 hour Voegelin in Toronto DVD may be purchased directly from the University of Missouri Press or may be ordered here: