32nd International Meeting of The Eric Voegelin Society 2016

We remind 32nd International Meeting of THE ERIC VOEGELIN SOCIETY, 2016. VoegelinView and American Political Science Association Meeting, September 1-4, Philadelphia, PA, USA.


Preliminary program June (July update see below): 

Panel 1, The Challenge of Spiritual Discernment
Chair: Jerry L. Martin

Eric Voegelin on Spiritual Outbursts: From ‘Unanalyzed Totality’ to ‘Ontological Omnipresence
Macon Boczek, Kent State University, maconboczek@aol.com 

Max Scheler’s Notion of the Ordo Amoris
William Petropulos, Eric Voegelin Arkiv, Munich, william.petropulos@web.de 

The Challenges of Discernment Explored in Dante’s Divine Comedy
Anthony Esolen, Providence College, aesolen@providence.edu 

Challenges of Discernment in the Life and Trials of Joan of Arc
Jerry L. Martin, University of Colorado at Boulder, jerry.martin@verizon.net 

Discussants: Sarah Shea, McGill University, sarah.shea2@mail.mcgill.ca

Wolfgang Leidhold, University of Cologne, wolfgang.leidhold@unikoeln. de

Panel 2, A Roundtable on David Walsh’s Politics of the Person as the Politics of Being
Chair: John von Heyking, University of Lethbridge, john.vonheyking@uleth.ca 

Brendan Purcell, Notre Dame University (Australia), Sydney Campus and St John’s College, University of Sydney, brendanpur@gmail.com

Barry Cooper, University of Calgary, bcooper@ucalgary.ca 

Daniel Mahoney, Assumption College, dmahoney@assumption.edu 

Steven McGuire, Eastern University, smcguire@eastern.edu 

Cyril O’ Regan, University of Notre Dame, Cyril.J.O’Regan.1@nd.edu

Discussant: David Walsh, Catholic University of America, walshd@cua.edu


Panel 3, Representing the Real: Voegelinian Perspectives
Chair: Charles R. Embry, Professor Emeritus, Texas A&M UniversityCommerce

Eric Voegelin as Diagnostician of Discourse
Alan Baily, Stephen F. Austin State University, bailyai@sfasu.edu 

Strauss, Heidegger and Voegelin on the Principle of Sufficient Reason
Jeremy Mhire, Louisisana Tech University , jmhire@latech.edu 

Political Religions in the 21 Century: The Second Reality of ISIS
Scott Robinson, King University, msrobinson@king.edu 

Salvation through Science? Bacon’s New Atlantis and Transhumanism
David Whitney, Nicholls State University, david.whitney@nicholls.edu 

Discussants: Paulette Kidder, Seattle University, pwkidder@seattleu.edu

Paul Kidder, Seattle University, pekidder@seattleu.edu 


Panel 4, Roundtable on Václav Havel
Chair: Martin Palouš, Florida International University, martin.palous@gmail.com 

Michael Žantovský, Václav Havel Library, Prague, michael.zantovsky@vaclavhavellibrary.org 

Henryk Syse, Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO), HENRIK@PRIO.NO

Zdravko Planinc, McMaster University, planincz@mcmaster.cast

Glenn Hughes, St. Mary’s University, ghughes@stmarytx.edu


Panel 5, Apocalyptic Influences in Contemporary Politics
Chair: Michael Gillespie, Duke University, mgillesp@duke.edu

What Apocalyptic Scenario does IS follow?
David Cook, Rice University, dbcook@rice.edu 

The Apocalypticism of ISIS: Questioning Causality in the Relationship Between Religion and Violence
Megan McBride, Brown University, megan_mcbride@brown.edu 

Revolutionary Apocalypticism and the Modern Myth of Armageddon
Matthias Riedl, Central European University, matriedl@ceu.edu 

The Paradox of Secular Apocalyptic Thought
Ben Jones, Yale University, bentaylorjones@gmail.com 

Discussants: Thomas Heilke (University of British Columbia, Okanagan) thomas.heilke@ubc.ca

Alison McQueen (Stanford University) amcqueen@stanford.edu 


Panel 6, Roundtable on Leon Craig’s, The Philosopher’s English King: Shakespeare’s Henriad as Political Philosophy
Chair: Barry Cooper 

Barry Cooper, University of Calgary,bcooper@ucalgary.ca 

Paul Cantor, University of Virginia, pac2j@cms.mail.virginia.edu 

Charles Embry, Texas A & M at Commerce, crembry.ce@gmail.com 

Glenn Hughes, St. Mary’s University, ghughes@stmarytx.edu

Leon Craig, University of Alberta, leocraig@shaw.ca 


Panel 7, Election 2016: Analysis and Predictions
Chair: Matthew Green

Matthew Green, The Catholic University of America, greenm@cua.edu 

Geoffrey Skelley, Sabato’s Crystal Ball, University of Virginia Center for Politics, skelley@virginia.edu

Mark Rozell, George Mason University, mrozell@gmu.edu 

Richard Skinner, Sunlight Foundation, richardmcgrathskinner@gmail.com

Panel 8, Constitutions and Foundations
Chair: Michael Federici

Can Constitutions Preserve Engendering Experience?
Michael Federici, Mercyhurst University, mfederici@mercyhurst.edu

A Confucian Vision of Value Pluralism
Jingcai Ying, University of Virginia, jy2xz@virginia.edu

Locke’s “A Letter Concerning Toleration” as a Theological Document
Steve Ealy, Liberty Fund, sealy@libertyfund.org 

Philosophy of Law of Eric Voegelin
Francois Lecoutre, University of Lille, francois.lecoutre@univlille2.fr 

Discussants, Steven McGuire, Eastern University, smcguire@eastern.edu 
Jeff Polet, Hope College, polet@hope.edu 


Panel 9, Political Science and Methodological Limits
Chair: James Stoner

Leo Strauss and Eric Voegelin on Humanism and the Human Sciences
James Stoner, Louisiana State University, James R Stoner poston@lsu.edu 

Ideologies and Evocations: A Voegelinian Critique of Quentin Skinner
Joshua Bowman, Anamnesis Journal, 60bowman@cardinalmail.cua.edu 

The Wealth of Persons as the Horizon of Politics
John McNerney, University College Dublin, john.mcnerney@ucd.ie 

Preference or Experience? The Paradox of Religion and Social Science
James Patterson,Gettysburg College, jpatters@gettysburg.edu 

Discussants: Michael Franz, Loyola University of Baltimore, MFranz@loyola.edu 
Leon Craig, University of Alberta, leocraig@shaw.ca 


Panel 10, Education and Human Nature
Chair: Thomas Heilke, University of British Columbia, Okanagan, thomas.heilke@ubc.ca

The Physics of Order: A Modern Defense of Plato’s Musical Education
Jeremy Geddert, Assumption College, j.geddert@assumption.edu 

Festivity and Freedom in the Philosophical Anthropology of Josef Pieper and Josef Ratzinger
Amanda Achtman, Catholic University of Lublin, amanda.achtman@gmail.com 

Lessons from the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate: The Tunisian Dialogue Quartet
Henryk Syse, Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO), HENRIK@PRIO.NO 

Discussants, James Greenaway, St. Mary’s University, jgreenaway@stmarytx.edu

Tom McPartland, Kentucky State University, tom.mcpartland@kysu.edu


Panel 11, Democratization and the Experience of Freedom in Central Eastern Europe: A Comparative Study
Chair: Michał Kuź, Lazarski University, michalmkuz@gmail.com 

Democratisation of Ukraine as a Way to Anchor Russian Neoimperialism
Ostap Kushnir, Lazarski University, o.kushnir@lazarski.edu.pl 

Between Latin America and Western Democracy – Transformation in the Balkans
Spasimir Domaradzki, Lazarski University, spasimir.dom@gmail.com 

War and Its Impact on Russian Politics and Foreign Policy
Mark Kramer, Harvard University, mkramer@fas.harvard.edu 

Collective Memory, Symbols and Regimes in Central Eastern Europe
Michał Kuź, Lazarski University, michalmkuz@gmail.com 

Discussant: Martin Palouš, Florida International University, martin.palous@gmail.com

Panel 12, The Political Persistence of Religion
Chair: Robert Kraynak

Heaven on Earth? Hegel and Voegelin on the Secular Religions of Modernity
Robert Kraynak, Colgate University, rkraynak@colgate.edu 

The Soteriological Persuasion of Political Terrorism: Modern Messianism in Comparative Perspective
Jürgen Gebhardt, University of Elangen, jngebhar@extern.lrzmuenchen.de 

Carl Schmitt and Eric Peterson on Political Theology
Eduardo SchmidtPassos, Catholic University of America, edusp82@hotmail.com 

Reason, Revelation and the Crisis of Islam

Robert Schaefer, University of West Georgia, robtschaefer@aol.com 

Discussants: Glenn Hughes, St. Mary’s University, ghughes@stmarytx.edu

Carol B. Cooper, Catholic University of America, carol.b.cooper@gmail.com


Panel 13, Universal Humanity and History
Chair: Harold Bergbauer

Eric Voegelin’s Concept of Universal Humanity
Harold Bergbauer,Bavarian School of Public Policy, dr.hb@web.de 

Politics and the Tragic Sense of History
Stan Molchanov, 10molchanov@cua.edu 

Tan Dun’s The First Emperor, Empire and Ecumene in Politics, Art, and Consciousness
Eugen Nagy, Central Washington University, e.l.nagy@gmail.com

Thomas After Conceptualism
R. J. Snell, Eastern University, rsnell@eastern.edu 

Discussant: Wolfgang Leidhold, University of Cologne, wolfgang.leidhold@unikoeln.de

Michael Henry, St. John’s University, HENRYM@stjohns.edu


Panel 14, Transcendence as the Horizon of Politics
Chair: James Greenaway

Community and the Order of Being
James Greenaway, St. Mary’s University, jgreenaway@stmarytx.edu

How to Think About Human Origins
Brendan Purcell, Notre Dame University (Australia), Sydney Campus and St John’s College, University of Sydney, brendanpur@gmail.com 

Gods and saints: Aquinas and the principle of transcendence as a source of order
Gustavo Santos, Oficina Municipal, Brazil, gadolfo1917@gmail.com

Conservatism and Spiritual and Social Recovery
Richard Bishirjian, Yorktown University, rjb@yorktownuniversity.com 

What the Church Means by “Faith”; What Voegelin Meant by “Faith”
Tom Lordan, Independent Scholar, tomlordan@q.com 

Discussants: Jerry L. Martin, University of Colorado at Boulder, jerry.martin@verizon.net

Tom McPartland, Kentucky State University, tom.mcpartland@kysu.edu

Business Meeting, Saturday, September 3, 6:15 p.m.
Reception, Saturday, September 3, 7:30 p.m.


David Walsh, Meeting Director

Updated version of the program: https://voegelinview.com/32nd-international-meeting-eric-voegelin-societ...




David Walsh

Professor of Political Science at The Catholic University of America. He is the author of a three-volume study of modernity: After Ideology: Recovering the Spiritual Foundations of Freedom, The Growth of the Liberal Soul, and The Modern Philosophical Revolution: The Luminosity of Existence.

Ron Srigley

Assistant Professor in the Departments of Philosophy and Religious Studies at the University of Prince Edward Island, Canada. His books include Eric Voegelin’s Platonic Theology: Philosophy of Consciousness and Symbolization in a New Perspective (Mellen), a translation of Albert Camus, Christian Metaphysics and Neo Platonism (St. Augustine’s Press), and Albert Camus’ Critique of Modernity (Missouri). He is the Editor-in-Chief of Voegelinview.